Sunday, February 5, 2012

Football for Teachers

1st and 10: How we feel at the beginning of each school year: ready to drive down the field.
Audible: Asking that child to stop talking and listen. To sit down and participate in the lesson. To stop doodling and get out her notebook.
Blitz: A snow day that cancels a field trip. A fire drill that interrupts an exam. Vomit. 
Controlling the clock: Controlling the clock. And are we ever good at it.
Double coverage: A parent and an administrator.
End zone: 3:00 pm. Or Friday. Or June. Or graduation.
Eye-black: What we see on Monday mornings after a weekend of prepping and correcting.
Fumble: When a lesson slips out of our hands.
Goal line: Where we get to if we're SMART.
Halftime show: The cafeteria.
Interception: When that assessment only demonstrates that our kids didn't get it this time.
Kickoff: District convocation. See the best speaker at a district convocation - ever - here
Live ball: A lesson in play.
Loose ball: A lesson that could fly or die.
Neutral zone: The four minutes between the bell signifying the start of school and the bell signifying the start of first period.
Offending team: The kid who passes gas.
Personal foul: Tripping over a backpack.
Playoffs: The last weeks of school.
Recovery: When we fumble the first time with a lesson and have to do it over a different way.
Scrambling: Winging it. Yeah, we have to do it sometimes (see Recovery).
Third and long: How we feel on standardized testing days.
Touchdown: Any lesson that works.
Wild Card: The tough kid who keeps you on your toes. When he makes it to the playoffs, you are ecstatic.

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